This intriguing collection delves into the depths of the cosmos in search of inspiration, finding its inexhaustible source of creativity in nebulae. In each jewel, the organic forms of the universe converge in an artistic expression that fuses cosmic majesty with human exquisiteness. The contrasts of textures and finishes give life to pieces that radiate undeniable strength and enigmatic beauty.
Each piece in this collection is like a fragment of deep space, a window to the vastness and complexity of the universe. The games of textures and finishes recreate the celestial dance of nebulae, where delicacy and power embrace each other in a perfect balance. These pieces invite us to contemplate the mystery and majesty of outer space and its organic forms, allowing us to carry a piece of the universe with us on every occasion.
...And it was then that Amalur created a flower so beautiful that, upon seeing it, the night beings would believe it was the Eguzki (sun) itself and would flee in terror. This is Eguzkilore (sun flower), a symbol of protection that defends homes from evil spirits. This story from Basque Mythology inspires a collection that faithfully recreates a thistle with the beauty of a flower.
Each jewel in this collection pays homage to the legend of Eguzkilore, embodying the essence of its protective power and the beauty of its form, as a reminder that mythology and tradition can converge in the creation of something truly amazing. This tradition reflects the deep connection that the Basque people have with our culture and ancestral beliefs.
The collection emerges as a testimony of the symbiosis between the natural and the artistic. The stony textures become the canvas on which a symphony of organic shapes develops.
In a game of contrasts, the pieces range from white finishes, with their elegant purity, to the rusticity of brushing that evokes the imprint of time on the stone. The rust adds a sense of history and resistance, while the shine adds a touch of sophistication. However, it is in the small touches of color, applied with fired enamels, where this collection reveals its most vibrant and exciting essence, like brushstrokes of life in the middle of the rock.
Each jewel becomes a fragment of nature, capturing the essence of earth and fire in a tangible expression of creativity and beauty. The collection is a tribute to the wonder of transformation, where the simplest elements become masterpieces that tell stories of nature and human craftsmanship in perfect harmony.
Diving into the depths of the ocean, this collection emerges as a testament to the astonishing beauty that lies beneath the surface.
Each piece is like a fragment of a magical underwater world, where shapes dance to the rhythm of the sea currents. Marine lines and textures intertwine in an enchanting dance, as if marine delicacy merged with the majestic strength of the ocean in an eternal embrace.
This jewelry collection is a tribute to the infinite diversity of marine life and a reminder that nature is the greatest source of artistic inspiration. Each piece reflects the harmony and balance found at the bottom of the sea, inviting us to contemplate the beauty of the oceans. Thus, these jewels not only adorn our bodies, but also connect us with the majesty of underwater ecosystems, reminding us of the fragility and wonder of our planet.
This captivating collection is a tribute to the relentless force and beauty of nature, taking its inspiration from volcanoes and their phenomenal landscapes.
Each piece radiates a fiery passion and a sense of power, embodying the majesty of a volcano in full awakening. The organic shapes and dynamic volumes evoke the fluidity of lava, while the color shines thanks to the meticulous work of fire enamels, the molten glass powder that gives life and depth to each jewel.
Inspired by nature in its most energetic and wild state, this collection delves into the heart of the earth to capture its power and beauty. Each piece is like a manifestation of the force of nature, reminding us that the natural world is an inexhaustible source of artistic inspiration.
In this fascinating collection, geometric shapes emerge as undisputed protagonists, weaving a visual narrative that embraces diversity and harmony. In particular, the hexagonal pattern, present in the chemical formations that permeate the universe, stands as the common thread of this story.
Each piece embodies the elegance and simplicity of this figure, challenging the complexity of the cosmos by transforming it into a timeless design language. Hexagons become the building blocks of these jewels, giving them a solid structure and a balanced aesthetic that resonates with the mathematical perfection of the universe.
This collection is a celebration of the intrinsic beauty of geometric shapes and their deep meaning in the fabric of the cosmos. Each piece is a tribute to the simplicity and complexity that coexist in the universe, inviting us to appreciate geometry as a universal language that transcends cultures and borders.