Space where the universe becomes great jewels

The place where everything flows and ideas take shape. Here, I have the freedom to design and let my imagination fly without restrictions, this is my little kingdom of infinite possibilities. Here are all my tools and materials, in a mix of collecting and motivation to add more variants every day to try different techniques. From files to strawberries of all imaginable sizes and shapes and fire enamels that transform metals into pieces full of color. Noble metals, minerals and natural gems wait patiently for their turn to become jewelry. My machines are ready for action, and every piece I make with my hands fills me with emotion.

This space is more than just a workplace; It is my refuge, where my creativity mixes with my passion. Each creation is a part of me, a manifestation of my ideas and my dreams. Every day represents a new challenge, an opportunity to learn and grow as an artist. Here in this sanctuary of creativity, I find joy and gratification in watching my thoughts come to life. I know that my pursuit of perfection is an eternal journey, but I am excited to continue exploring it with enthusiasm and passion.