Text with modifiable size Each and every piece is dreamed of, designed and crafted by us. The art of creating requires time and delicacy, which is why we work slowly, paying attention to small details to make great jewels.
Text with modifiable size Jewelry inspired by Mother Nature, where smooth and organic textures, delicacy and robustness, her strength and generosity mix.
We have the responsibility to do everything in our power. For this reason, the silver we work with is recycled silver and the wax used in the process is reused over and over again until there is no waste left. The packaging with which we wrap our jewelry is FSC certified. We always control the entire process with our hands.


The pleasure of creating, the creative challenge. The path is constant creativity to be able to materialize my ideas into small jewels. Where you are the target of my energy, wearing my jewelry, nkoda.